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Pentagrama en un símbolo cósmico esotérico alquímico mágico y de conocimiento gnóstico. Pentagram in a cosmic symbol esoteric alchemical magic and gnostic cognizance.

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Un clic aquí o en la imagen para ver PENTAGRAMA GIGANTE y sus detalles:

The 7 Chakras in the Pentagrams of protection esoteric. Pentagramas de protección. Clic en la imagen para ver el Pentagrama gigante y detalles de los 7 Chakras, Caduceus o Caduceo de Mercurio y otros elementos, en dimensiones de 2560 x 2406 px. Se destac el fondo del dibujo transparente adaptable a cualquier color o diseño de Blog o página web. Ejemplario para compartir.

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Símbolos de la Estrella Pentagrama - Star Symbols Pentagram


La imagen del Pentagrama o Pentalfa Gnóstico, Místico y/o Esotérico, extractado y resumido de su extensa simbología Artística, Mística, Filosófica y Científica. Símbolos Astrológicos, Espirituales, Alquímicos, Místicos, Químicos, Electrónicos... Figuras Numéricas y Geométricas de Signos y descripciones Pitagóricas, de Samael AunWeor, de Eliphas Levi...

Hay más para leer y ver sobre el Pentagrama y sobre su diseño...

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Pentagram - Art - Gnostic and Esoteric - Pillar Elementary



Art in the spiritual Pentagram. Art: Gnostic and esoteric is elementary pillar
(Please excuse the lack of good translation language)

The art and experimentation inspired and contemplative, is one of the pillars esotericism in mysticism and spirituality of any line or knowledge.
High art, is intrinsically linked to the spiritual and esoteric symbolism.
Perhaps no art, no symbolic expression, and in that sense, the geometric shapes play more direct role of symbolic speech and expression.
One person experienced in symbolic art to any degree, area, location, expression, place or thing, but can be very modest, is an extraordinary and wonderful experience spiritually.
The symbolic art is like writing, where characters, letters, numbers and signs up the multiplicity of everything combined together with the writer wanted to express that. So with these symbols, which can write to perceive them as archetypes or living angelic knowledge. Similarly, the geometric symbols and colors can be reached in humans join deeply.
Symbolically, in which I could express in various designs, we'll see anything new because these are ancient symbols, can only be achieved with these geometric lines and different colors, print, speech and symbolic manifestation of what they perceive and experience the nature of each. That is, with its varied hues and shapes, can match the affinity, expressed vibration and harmony, expressed in so many ways and influenced each person.
In other words, the knowledge can be infinite, it would be the symbolic art, so in that sense, it is difficult to pigeonhole mankind in one single element, type, color thing, because more in this case, each person feel good spiritually, attracted in affinity in vibration and in tune with a own type, hue, shape and color of Pentagram.
Particularly the star Pentagram you can find extensive literature and knowledge and detailed explanation of its meaning, purpose and symbolism, and secondary teachers and spiritual guides, gnostics and esoteric, with different texts, literature and web pages or blog that make extensive reference to "ESOTERIC PENTAGRAM”.
On this page, I just want to offer a complementary and express itself in a certain range of designs of the "Art of Pentagram"

to share in fraternity... Pentagorass...